Selling a home is not as easy as it looks! You need a professional real estate agent who knows how to price, stage, market, and sell your home in a timely manner while getting you the highest price the market will bear.

 To sell your home, hire an agent who will:

Do this:

  • Price your home correctly based on current market conditions and the condition of the home.
  • Help you stage your home so it outshines your competition.
  • Take and post photos of your home.
  • Post your home on the MLS.
  • Advertise your home on social media network like Facebook and additional listing sights such as Truila, Zillow, Listing Booster, and Craigs List.
  • Enable you to sign contracts and documents for the transaction online and in the privacy of your home.
  • Set you up for automatic feedback after every showing.
  • Help you negotiate the inevitable home inspection and repair requests…setting you up with a Seller’s Home Warranty Policy ahead of time to cover you as much as possible. Tells not to worry about obvious repairs and lets your deal fall through due to unreasonable denial of small repair requests.
  • Ensures that you meet all your contractual, legal obligations (survey, disclosures, resale certificate, etc.) in a timely manner. Expects you to keep up with your own legal obligations and forgets to order things like surveys and resale certificates.

ADVICE: Before you hire a Realtor, check as many of his or her past and current listings online to see how well he or she photographs, describes, and markets the home.



Buying a home is not as easy as it looks! You need a local neighborhood expert to:

  • Help you sort through all the options to find the right neighborhood and schools.
  • Price a home correctly so you don’t pay too much.
  • Watch out for problem houses so you don’t end up with a money pit.
  • Uncover hidden taxes, fees, and other costs.
  • Help you WIN in a competitive, multi-offer offer situation.

I am dedicated to helping you buy the RIGHT house in the RIGHT neighborhood at the RIGHT price. The RIGHT home for YOU!